Monday, 12 December 2011

Twelve sleeps 'til Santa

"You better watch out.  You better not cry.  Better not pout, I'm telling you why.  Santa Claus is coming to town..." 

Yes, Christmas is well and truly on its way!  Dear ol' St. Nick will be dashing around the rooftops in 12 sleeps time.  Are you ready for him?

We're just about there now, although the Christmas cards and some family presents are still need to be posted.  But, that should all be done in the next day or two.

Because all the 'high-pressure' stuff is all done, I've decided to embrace the onset of Christmas and do a type of Christmas countdown called 'Sleeps 'til Santa'.  It's kind of like the 12 days of Christmas except I'll be counting down the nights until Santa's on his way.  So, each day up until Christmas Eve, I will post a festive photo and Christmas video to hopefully get us all in the festive spirit.  Join in if you want!

My photo today is of my little girl, taken last year in front of our Christmas tree.  It was her second Christmas and the first one where she was able to help put the decorations on the tree instead of trying to rip them off like the year before.
And today's Christmas video is dedicated to the fabulous Five Goes Blogging who tagged me in a 'favourite Christmas song' game of virtual tag.

Thank you for the honour of being chosen to reveal my ultimate Christmas song.  However, I'm not going to, sorry.  No, in an act of extreme unselfishness (and because this Christmas post is about my little girl) I have decided to let Sophia pick her best Christmas tune.  So, here it is.  Please remember a small child chose this, not me!

And now to tag others in this Christmas song craze.  So, without further ado, Missing Sleep, Crystal Jigsaw, The Bling Buoy and The Moiderer.  C'mon ladies, show me what you've got!


  1. I love the chipmunks! She isn't just cute... she has excellent taste in music too. Thanks for the tag! Ps is is really only 12 days till xmas? Please excuse me while I go and hyperventilate ;)

  2. Most excellent choice :) *Air guitar in style of a chipmunk*

  3. Perfect. My kids count the days by "sleeps" too. Enjoy the moment and the days.


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