"Show Real" Video Challenges!

Will you take on Chez Mummy's "Show Real" video challenges?  A new, regular linky launched in February 2012 to encourage and grow the art of video blogging

I'm passionate about video and video blogging (or, to give it its proper name, vlogging).  It really can add an extra dimension to story telling and it can be so much fun to do.

Videos don't have to be slick, Hollywood-worthy mini-blockbuster creations.  They can be as short and sweet as you like (and in fact, many people seem to prefer the obviously home-made videos).

So, in a bid to encourage more bloggers to embrace video as a fun, creative medium, I have launched the Chez Mummy series of "Show Real" video challenges.

Why is it called "Show Real"?  Simple, because I'm asking people to show-off their real lives on film.

The idea is that every two months, on the first Monday of that month, I'll be setting a new video challenge.  Don't worry, the subject won't be anything difficult and will be based on something that should be fairly easy to film.  You can make a video about that particular subject however you want to, involve who you want to, make it as long as you want to.  There are no restrictions, just come and have a go.

There are only two things that I ask

1. You link your video post up to my blog using the linky tools that I will supply for each challenge
2. Grab my badge and proudly display it in your video blog post

The Chez Mummy "Show Real" Video Challenges

Grab the code to add my badge to your blog

Can't wait to see those videos!

August 2012, "Show Real" Video Challenge No.4: Music

June 2012, "Show Real" Video Challenge No.3: Firsts
April 2012, "Show Real" Video Challenge No.2: Best Friends
February 2012, "Show Real" Video Challenge No.1: One Fine Day

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