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Launched in October 2011, Chez Mummy has a growing readership; twitter followers, facebook fans, page views and unique visitors all continue to steadily increase.  This provides organisations and 'brands' with a great opportunity to reach new audiences and engage with the parenting community directly.

I am happy to be approached by companies and agencies interested in working with bloggers.   However, I will only consider working with products or brands that are relevant to myself and my family and in keeping with this blog.  With this in mind, please do your research before contacting me!

If you are interested in promoting your brand or product on Chez Mummy, please read on to see how exactly I may be able to help you.  You can also contact me to discuss your requirements and request my media pack, which will supply you with details of my website traffic, readership and reach. 

There are a number of ways that I will work with organisations and individuals.  These are:
  • Advertising 
  • Giveaways 
  • Reviews 
  • Sponsored (paid-for) posts, including paid-for text links 
  • Guest posts 


This blog accepts display advertising.  I can accommodate a variety of advert sizes, all of which will be displayed in the right-hand sidebar of this blog.  Please get in touch to discuss rates.


If you are a company, allowing bloggers to run giveaways featuring your goods is a great way to gain exposure and reach potential new audiences.  It can also help to create 'desire' for a product (everyone likes getting something for free after all) and can also help to grow your social media followers (because extra entries can be gained by liking or following social media accounts).

I am happy to run giveaways for products, goods or services that I believe are relevant to myself, my blog and my readers.  However, please note that I will need some form of compensation (e.g. monetary compensation or a free copy of the product) as well as a prize or prizes to give away.  This is because giveaways can take a considerable amount of time to organise and promote.  From time-to-time I my waive this requirement but this will be at my discretion.

If you would like to your product or service featured on Chez Mummy as part of a giveaway, please contact me to discuss details.  When hosting a giveaway, I will:
  • Write about your product (this will not necessarily take the form of a review). 
  • Include at least one link to your company's website (more only if it is appropriate to do so). 
  • Feature the giveaway on my blog's Facebook and Google+ page. 
  • Tweet regularly about the giveaway on Twitter. 
  • Provide follow-up statistics regarding page views and visitor numbers once the giveaway has closed, if requested. 

I will always clearly state if I have received a form of compensation to run a giveaway.

Examples of past giveaways:


Reviews can be an effective way for organisations to reach out to new audiences about their products, goods and services.  In order to write a review, I will need a free copy of your product for the purposes of testing.  In return, I will:
  • Write an honest review of your product. 
  • Include one link to your company's website (more only if it is appropriate to do so) 
  • Promote the review on Twitter and my blog's Facebook and Google+ pages. 
  • Provide follow-up statistics regarding page views and visitor numbers once the review has been published, if requested. 

The review may take the form of words, photographs, video, or a combination of all three.  Any photographs will also be uploaded to my blog's Flickr account and any video review will be posted on my Youtube channel.

I will always clearly state when I have been given a product for the purposes of writing a review and please be aware that any review I write will be 100% honest.  If I don't like your product, I will say so.  However, if I love your product, chances are I will gush about it. 

Examples of past reviews:

Sponsored (paid-for) posts, including paid-for text links

Sponsored posts are content that has been paid-for by a company or PR agency working in behalf of their client.  I am happy to feature such posts on Chez Mummy as long as the posts are relevant to this blog and my readers.  At this current time, I will only publish a maximum of one sponsored post per month.

I will accept blog posts pre-written by individuals writing on behalf of a company or PR agency.  I will edit these posts accordingly to ensure the language used remains consistent with Chez Mummy's style.  These posts will be marked as 'sponsored guest posts'.

I am happy to write sponsored posts on behalf of companies about certain issues, products or services and include text links.  These posts will be marked as 'sponsored posts'.

Examples of sponsored posts

If you work for, or on behalf of, a company and would like to pay for a post to appear on
Chez Mummy, please contact me for rates. 

However, please note:
  • All paid-for links will automatically be made "nofollow" unless expressly requested otherwise when I am first contacted. This is in line with Google's terms and conditions. 
  • I will always disclose when a post has been paid-for. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) demands that this is always the case and failure to do so can lead to a hefty fine, which I am not prepared to risk. 
  • There will be no negotiation on how the post is described. I will use the phrases outlined above to make it clear that the post has been paid-for. 

Guest posts

As I've already mentioned, any post submitted to me that I feel has been written with the express purpose or promoting a company, product or service (either in the main body of the post or via the byline), will be classed as a sponsored guest post (please see above for details).

Any bloggers wishing to guest post on this blog will be able to do so for free.  I may also seek guest posts from time-to-time and again, these will be published without charge.

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