Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review - MAM Bite and Relax Phase One Mini Teether

"Hello.  Hi.  So good of you to come.  We've been waiting so long to see you.  Come on in.  You are coming aren't you?  Marvellous.  Don't forget to bring your friends..." 

Here at Chez Mummy we've been waiting impatiently for some visitors.  Well, not really visitors.  More like permanent residents.

I am - of course - referring to Dexter's teeth.  Obviously.

At over 10-months-old, Dexter is finally welcoming his first couple of pearly whites.  Okay, they're still mainly under the surface (iceberg-stylee) but the tips have definitely broken through.

And not before time.  Most babies of Dexter's age seem to have a handful of teeth already (although I did find some lovely bloggers who have also had 'late bloomers' in the gnasher department).  He's been teething for months.  Red cheeks, floods of drool - you name it.   I have a couple of teethers but Dexter hasn't been keen to use them.  They are fairly big and, to be honest, a bit big to fit into his baby mouth.

So it was with fantastic timing that those lovely people over at MAM UK dropped a little present through our letterbox - The MAM Bite & Relax Phase One Mini Teether.

Images courtesy of MAM

As sad as it sounds, I was excited by its arrival.  This range is dummy-sized so practically perfect for little hands to grasp.  It's a hard, solid teether (unlike the more 'squidgy' ones that you chill in the fridge/freezer) designed specifically for front teeth.  It has different textures and structures to try and give babies as much relief as possible from the trauma of teething.  It's also lightweight, BPA free and comes with its own steriliser and travel box.  Phew, MAM UK has just about thought of everything!  But the big question was "would Dexter like it?"  Well, would he?

Okay, so it wasn't a great reaction.  But he is a bit of a sock monster.  They're always going missing in our house, namely because Dexter keeps ripping them off his feet, drooling all over them and then abandoning them in the strangest places around the home.

But he started getting used to the teether being around.

Then, a couple of weeks later...

Result!  This must have coincided with the emergence of his two first teeth and, although he doesn't often want to put this into his mouth (he has a real preference for socks and cuddly toys - oh, and food - but not much else), there are times when he'll give the teether a little chew and I think it helps him to feel just that little bit better.

Please note: The product was sent to me free of charge in exchange for this review.  However, the content of this review is true and honest, and all opinions are mine (and Dexter's).


  1. well done Dexter! good luck with teething, we are at the big ones now and they hurt, poor babies x

  2. that did make me giggle, the little sock monster haha! my daughter is a big fan of Sophie the Giraffe... and pretty much anything else she can get her hands on. 9 Months old and only got the bottom two so far, just wish there was something a bit better to help her with the pain during the night (asides from teething gel which only seems to help for a max of 5 mins!)

  3. Yes, I think they're starting to come through now. I've spotted his two bottom front ones and I think one of his front top ones so far. I always feel so sorry for them - it's an exciting but painful milestone x

  4. I'm not sure what it is about socks but Dexter loves them. Why is it that babies only seem to like stuffing inappropriate objects into their mouths?!! Hope your little girl isn't in too much pain. If she likes having a dummy, she may like this MAM teether. You can also buy some 'teething powders' from the chemist and then of course there's always good ol' Calpol. It's terrible watching them in pain isn't it? x


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