Monday, 6 February 2012

One Fine Day: "Show Real" Video Challenge!

Welcome to the first ever "Show Real" video challenge!

This is a new, original, video-based linky that I have devised to encourage more bloggers to have a go at creating a video blog post. 

It's easier than you might think, honest. I was a little daunted by the idea of video blogging, or vlogging, when I first began my blog. But, having experimented a few times, I can assure you it can add an extra dimension to your blog posts and can also be lots of fun.

Don't have a video camera? No problem, you can use the video camera on your phone.

Don't have any video editing equipment? If your computer doesn't have Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, you can always use YouTube's video editor.

So, will you have a go?

Every two months, I'll post up a new challenge. Your videos can be about anything related to that topic and can be filmed any way you like.

The first "Show Real" challenge is called 'One Fine Day'.

Your video can be about anything that turns an ordinary day into a great day for you; is it taking the kids to the park? Having a lie-in or a cup of tea/coffee in bed first thing? Getting some child-free time to relax or let your hair down? Having a rant to get something off your chest?

You can make your video as long or short as you like and film it however you want - there are no restrictions and it's completely up to you.

Here is my contribution to this first video challenge. My 'one fine day' moments are from my last day at home before returning to work:

Don't forget to link up your video blog post!

And grab my "Show Real" video challenge badge to add to your post and blog.

The Chez Mummy


  1. Really beautiful!   Tears!!! xxxx

  2. Thank you. We had a lovely day and a great afternoon at the local soft play centre. I wanted to put something together to help me treasure that last day :-)

  3. Michelle February 2012 at 10:43

    Ahhhh that is a lovely clip Chez Mummy - beautiful kids. You picked the right music to go with it too - Kleenex moment! x 

  4. Michelle February 2012 at 10:43

    ps: I will have a go at the linky in a few days. Still recovering from the stress of doing the one on BritMums!! x

  5. Thanks for stopping by, I'd love you to have a go at this! I'll have to go and check out your BritMums one too x

  6. Great idea! I've done a few clogs, but haven't got properly into it yet. This link will stay open won't it, so I can come back next week and link up.

  7. Loving the video montage my dear - I will link up this week at some point - I have the video, just need to edit it!

  8. Fantastic, I knew I could count on you! Thanks x

  9. Yep, the linky should stay open indefinitely. I'll be setting a new 'challenge' every two months (on the first Monday of that month) so hopefully enough time for people to film something and link it. I'd love it if you wanted to join in. I thought your 'how clean is your house' video was ace x


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