Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ten sleeps 'til Santa

Today is my day for Christmas get-togethers.  It's going to be a busy one...

Coffee Mugs
First of all, I'm off to meet some lovely fellow mummy bloggers for a spot of coffee, chat and food.  I'm really looking forward to it; although my blog is not even two months old (that will be on Christmas Day - another reason to celebrate!), I've become totally immersed in the blogging world.  There is such a supportive community amongst all the parents who blog and it's great to know you're not completely on your own, we all go through similar experiences.

After those festivities, I'll be popping by the office to see my team, have a spot of lunch (if I can manage any after the coffee morning) and drop off my Secret Santa present.  Then, it's back home to take my kiddies to a playdate with three of their friends.  Cue more card and present giving.


Today's festive photo reflects the fact that I'm going to be a 'mini-Santa' today (as in delivering gifts to some of those on my list).  Ho.  Ho.  Ho.
christmas 2007
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And let's 'Step into Christmas' with a bit of Elton John (sorry, bad DJ moment there!)

As of tomorrow, the countdown continues in single digit mode.  Time certainly is ticking down!

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  1. Ahh lovely espresso post.. I think i've been blogging for about 3 months and am totally hooked too...keep up the good work.


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