Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Four sleeps 'til Santa

My pre-Christmas to-do list is slowly getting smaller.  That's a good thing considering Christmas Day is less than a week away - eek!

In fact, there's only one major thing left to do on said list...and that's getting the food shopping done.  My husband and I aren't looking forward to it; shops and supermarkets are heaving at this time of year as people either a) desperately hunt around for last minute Christmas presents or 2) wait until the last minute to buy their Christmas food so it stays fresher for longer.  Either way, you need sharp elbows in order to survive.

Wish us luck.

The food is a big deal this year because I've decided to take on the challenge of cooking the main Christmas meal for my little family of four.  I hope it's a success.  I did it for the first time last year when snow meant we couldn't travel to see my parents and I don't think it was received too badly...
This year though, we're doing things a bit differently. We're not having turkey this year. I'll pause for a moment to let that sink in.  Not.  Having.  Turkey.

"Are you out of your mind?"  I hear you cry.  "Christmas without turkey is like rhubarb without custard, Ant without Dec..." 

My husband and I figure there'll be enough turkey going spare - we're sure to get some to take home from the in-laws who we'll be visiting later in the day - and we don't want to be digging out all those turkey-related recipes in desperate half-hearted attempts to use it up and get it eaten.

So instead, I'll be cooking a ham.  Not only is it a bit different, but it's much easier; just slap it in the slow cooker overnight / first thing in the morning and by midday (or thereabouts) it'll be ready.  That's the thinking anyway.

What will you be doing for the big Christmas meal?  Will you be cooking or eating out?  Visiting relatives or locking yourself firmly away at home?

In the meantime, here's Judy Garland singing the original "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" from the 1944 film "Meet Me in St. Louis".  Enjoy.

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  1. Hmmm, slap some honey on it, nom nom. I never have Turkey, don't like it. I was a veggie for years so mum always got me a M&S nut roast. Now living in Holland with my own family, I don't have to do turkey, the dutch don't really do turkey anyway, so i'm with you on that honey (glazed ham)


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