Sunday, 18 December 2011

Six sleeps 'til Santa

Yesterday (sad news aside) was the end of the Christmas party season for my family. Not that my husband and I have been enjoying any drunken festivities, oh no. Our children were invited to two parties this year. Yes, that's right, two. They have a better social life than me and the husband at the moment!

Unfortunately, Sophia was ill for the first one so neither child could go (I didn't want to risk spreading the dreaded lurgy), but she (and Barney the bear) had a whale of a time at her second. Plus, she got to see Father Christmas.
And Dexter had his special 'baby-focused' one yesterday. We've been attending a local, dedicated baby group throughout my maternity leave and decided to give the Christmas party a go. Now Dexter's crawling, he really enjoyed it and there was no stopping him zooming around the play-mats when the group activities started!
I'm looking forward to the coming week; relaxing in the run-up to Christmas, going to see Santa on his sleigh (courtesy of the local Round Table) and going completely OTT on Christmas films and songs. I might even attempt homemade mince pies. That's only a might, mind you. I'll also be donating to Rainforest Rescue as a small gesture to remember my friend, Julia, who recently died.

And of course, what's Christmas without Cliff Richard? I give you "Mistletoe and Wine"...


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