Saturday, 19 November 2011

What's in my bag? Come and see...

This week I have had a close encounter of the very random kind.

Over on twitter, some very lovely mummy bloggers have been egging each other on to show the world what on earth they carry around in their handbag.  I fear it's slowly growing into something of a monster.

I blame Cheetahs in my Shoes.  She enticed us in by declaring that she had salad spoons in her handbag.  Urged on by Mammasaurus, she uploaded a video proving that, not only did she carry around said spoons, but also rather random tools.

The idea spread and Britmums, the parent blogger network site, threw down a video challenge for bloggers to show off whatever is in their handbag. 

Crumbling under the pressure that was duly applied by Cheetahs in my Shoes and Mammasaurus, I finally agreed to make a video about my handbag.  So, without further ado, here is the main feature: What on earth do I have in my handbag?  You might be surprised...

So, if you'd like to show off the contents of your beloved bag, make a video and link it up on the Britmum's website!


  1. ARGH! Good god alive woman I just jumped a mile! Heh heh I didn't see that coming!

    I salute your crazy imaginative ways and slick editng half way through ;)

    Love it!

  2. BRILLIANT :) Love it - we salute you, and your handbag contents...

  3. Thanks for your comments, glad you all liked it. To be honest, I was surprised my husband agreed to do it but he's a good sport and it was great fun to do.

  4. Hahaha! I didn't expect that! It made me jump lol x

  5. That scare me! Hahaha! Very good idea lady! Xxx

  6. Man, you need to get a rucksack to spread the weight. You're going to get a bad back carrying him around in your handbag;) x
    Found this via loveallblogs video bit, hello! x


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