Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Preparing for a winter wonderland

The weather has been fairly mild of late, only recently getting colder. It's finally starting to sink in for me that winter is on its way...it's just under seven weeks until Christmas after all (eek, better get shopping!).

This might be a bit premature of me, but I've been thinking about the likelihood of us getting snow this year. After all, it did arrive in November last year and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again this time round. The weather 'experts' seem to agree that it's on its way, although can't seem to pinpoint when (didn't they originally say October??).

I remember last year, we were totally unprepared when the snow hit. Sophia only had trainers to wear so it was a mad - albeit slow and icy - rush to the shops to get her some wellies so she didn't miss out on the thrill of making snowballs and snowmen for the first time.

This year, I've been determined to take a leaf out of the Scouts book and "be prepared". There's no way I want to be caught out again, especially with two children this time. Dexter's fine; he has a fluffy, warm, cream pramsuit to keep him snug but, once again, Sophia is in need of warm, outdoor, winter clothing. 

We ordered some snow boots for her a little while ago and thankfully, they have now arrived. Combined with her other bits and pieces, I now know a certain little lady who is all set for the wintry weather. Bring it on!


  1. Oh I know - will it, won't it snow - I keep debating whether to buy a sledge - will it be worth it - will it really snow again this year...
    At least you're prepared :)

  2. Its funny i used to wish we had snow but after last year i am kind of hoping we dont!! Its ok the first day but cos it was so cold after the snow fell that it didnt melt and trying to get anywhere was a nightmare!
    Like you say though it is best to be prepared!! Your photos are lovely - kids love playing in it dont they? They dont feel the cold as much as we do! Brrr mind you your daughter looks prepared!! xx


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