Thursday, 3 November 2011

The simple things mean the most

Ever since having children, I've discovered that I have lived two lives; one before my babies came along and the one I am living now as a Mum. 

Pre-children, my husband and I would get our kicks from boozy nights out, long holidays (when we had saved up for long enough) and generally doing what we wanted when we wanted; we didn't have to worry about getting home to the babysitter and if our plans changed at the last minute, it didn't matter.

We were married for three years before I became pregnant because we wanted to make the most of things and enjoy being married before we committed our lives to raising children. 

My life now is so much more selfless; I don't have the luxury of only thinking about myself.  But I love it.  My children amaze me every day and one of the best things about being a parent is how much joy there is to be had from small, seemingly insignificant moments with them.

Like when Dexter spots me first thing in the morning and immediately gives me his biggest, toothless grin.  Or when I'm playing with him and he grasps my finger in his fist and refuses to let go.  Or when Sophia, for no reason at all, puts her arms around my neck and says, "ug oo ummee" (translation: love you mummy).  Or when she's pulling funny faces or flashing a cheeky grin at me, like we're sharing a private joke.  When those little things happen, it reassures me that I'm not doing too bad a job at this Mummy lark and, to quote Olly Murs, "my heart skips, skips a beat".

My hubby and I had a great time before babies came along and I don't regret waiting those three years before we decided to start a family, but my - sorry, our - children are definitely our greatest achievements.  I can't wait to see how they grow up and hope for many more special moments for many years to come.

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