Friday, 11 November 2011

Poppy pride

Today, the nation will fall silent for two minutes at 11am to remember those who have fought, and still are fighting, in the name of freedom and liberty.

I think it's a great tradition. I've been wearing my poppy with pride and will certainly try to instil the level of respect that these heroes deserve in my children.

Even if you don't agree with more recent conflicts, I think the poppy is a powerful symbol of sacrifice and bravery by past and present service men and women.

I'm glad that FIFA, the international football governing body, has finally agreed to our national team wearing a poppy when they play this weekend. Wearing a poppy is not a political statement in the slightest - not wearing one is surely the political statement? - but rather a way to express gratitude and respect.

During the two minute silence, I always give thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and think about their families. My thoughts also inevitably pause on my two Grandads. One has died, the other is still with us and both went to war - World War II. I will forever be grateful for what they, and all the other brave men, did to keep our freedoms intact.

Long may the tradition continue.

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