Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ten questions!

You may or may not have seen a "10 questions" meme currently traversing the blogosphere.  Well, it's finally landed on my lap (metaphorically not literally).  It does what it says on the tin - it's ten questions about whoever's been tagged.  In this case, that person is me.

The meme was started by Super Amazing Mum who I've never met but now think is totally awesome to have gotten this virtual 'chain-letter' going.  It came to me via the very lovely Rollercoaster Mum so I hope I do a decent job answering these questions.  Here goes...

1. Describe yourself in 7 words
Low alcohol tolerance.  Likes biscuits.  Loves cheesecake

2. What keeps you awake at night?
The husband's snoring (thankfully it's not too often), the nearly three-year-old's incessant need for juice (yes, even during the night) and I've also been known to wake myself up by sleep talking.  At least the baby stays quiet during the night (hallelujah!).

3. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?
I'm tempted to say my little baby boy, Dexter.  It would mean I could sleep when I wanted, have my food brought to me, enjoy a warm bath at the end of a long day, not worry about housework, mortgage, bills etc. - all the things I never get to do anymore.

4. What are you wearing right now?
A sheer black teddy,, wait, this isn't that sort of website...

No, I'm actually wearing my trusty blue jeans, socks (with no holes in thank goodness) and my red Ralph Lauren jumper.  You know, all the glamorous stuff.

5. What scares you?
Most things.  However, I try not to let my children see my cowardice - read more about my new-found level of bravado since becoming a mum.

6. What is the best and worst thing about blogging?
I love the community that goes with blogging.  Everyone I've met so far seems to friendly, welcoming and supportive.  Plus, it's also nice to get lovely comments about my writing. 

For me, the worst thing so far has been NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).  I gave it my best shot but blogging every day for a whole month takes huge commitment.  I didn't realise just how much time and effort it would involve when I started, I just thought it'd be a bit of a laugh.  In reality it was my equivalent of running the London Marathon or climbing Mount Everest but I wasn't prepared and couldn't stay the course.

7. What was the last website you looked at?
Mummy Central.  I found a link on twitter.  Before that I was on facebook.  You can see how I tend to spend my down-time.

8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
My eyesight.  I've needed glasses since I was about three-years-old and I'm terrified one of my children will inherit my poor eyesight. 

9. Slankets - yes or no?
No.  I much prefer snuggling up in my husband's over-sized jumpers.  Pure bliss.

10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you.
There's not too much I know about Rollercoaster Mum to be honest.  Being relatively new to blogging, I've yet to meet any fellow bloggers in the flesh.  However, I do know that she likes chickens, her children and her husband (I hope!).  She is also a prolific tweeter and is taking on NaBloPoMo...and doing a great job!

Right, so now I have to tag someone.  Oh, the pressure and responsibility of it all!  I choose to tag the Muminator (AKA Charlotte).  She is a relatively new blogger so I want to show her how lovely a bunch of people we are.  Plus, I think her blog has one of the coolest names ever.


  1. Aww Thankyou Laura! Much appreciated :) I'm always looking to find new readers he he. Glad you like the name :) xx Lovely post

  2. Great answers! I love the idea of being a baby again - what could be better - you even get pushed around in your own carriage! Glad he doesn't keep you awake at night though :)

  3. Enjoyed reading your answers. Am doing nablogpomo and it's great but a lot of work - well done for having the courage to duck out

  4. Hello! You tagged me on Twitter ages ago re this meme and I finally got down to writing my post but wasn't until I got to question 3 that I realised I've already done it :D
    loving reading your blog btw and I've added you to my reader :-) Well done with the NaBloPoMo - I forgot about it but am glad since I'm not sure I was up to the challenge quite yet.


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