Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas 2012: The year the magic began

Christmas 2012It came.  It saw.  It went.  Christmas that is.  The big day that we'd been preparing for and building up to for weeks beforehand is over and a new year is fast approaching.

I'm a little sad to have waved goodbye to Christmas 2012.  For the very first time, Sophia understood about Father Christmas and was so, so excited. 

She became Santa's Mum and Dad's little helper throughout December; wanting to help get all the Christmas decorations out; set up the Christmas tree; hang up the tree ornaments; helping to wrap presents (not hers or Dexter's obviously because Santa and his elves do all that). 

The countdown to Christmas began on December 1st - the Christmas tree was already up and the re-usable advent calendars (which I love) filled to the brim with little treats. 

Every morning, Sophia would rush downstairs to open her calendar, telling me which window needed opening before I even had a chance to open my mouth.  I also downloaded a 'Track Santa' app onto the iPad so that Sophia and Dexter could see where Santa was at any point during December and especially on Christmas Eve (something Dexter got to grips with scarily quickly). 

Sophia's excitement grew the closer to Christmas Eve it got.  Santa even paid us a visit the night before Christmas Eve, double checking his naughty and nice lists I'm sure.  Sophia stood outside in the cold, wrapped up warm in her coat and gazing in awe at the jolly fat man in red on his sleigh in front of her.

"Ho, ho, ho.  Merry Christmas Santa."  Sophia whispered to him almost breathlessly and I felt pride and love swell in my chest, both on an immeasurable scale.

The next evening was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring - except for my daughter who was far too excited about the prospect of Santa visiting.  Thankfully, she eventually settled and we were all able to get some sleep so that Santa could get on with his job.  Which he did, resulting in two very happy children.

It's been amazing to see my little girl grow up over these last few years but this Christmas has been absolutely magical.  Seeing the excitement dance behind her eyes, growing each day the closer to Christmas Day it got, has been so very special.  The magic of Christmas has well and truly begun for her and I know that next year, it should be the same for Dexter.  And I can't wait.

Long may it continue.


  1. She is the image of you! And we have that table too!
    I remember the first year GG really got it - and the Bug - it was just magic! Make the absolute most of it, because if she's anything like mine, by the age of 8 it is much less convincing :(

    1. It's a great table isn't it?! Just a shame that Santa took away my coffee table to make room for it but I suppose you can't have everything...

      I can't wait until next year when hopefully Dexter will understand the idea of Father Christmas properly; it'll be mayhem but I can't wait! I hope GG manages to believe for just a little while longer

  2. Awww, how lovely that you had such a magical Christmas. I think Christmas has got a little bit more special each year since having children, but I can't wait til next year when I think my little man will really start to "get it". Have a happy new year hun. X

    1. It was really lovely to see how excited Sophia was. I got to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child and it was a delight and privilege. Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas x


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