Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 calendar giveaway, courtesy of WSPA

Image credit: WSPA
Before we all wake up tomorrow in a completely different year to the one we're in now, are you prepared for what 2013 might bring?

If you're anything like me the answer is probably, 'not quite'.  With so many things going on in my family's life - appointments, clubs, childcare arrangements etc. - I find that if I don't make a record of them anywhere, they can very easily get forgotten.   Plus, 2012 seemed to fly by so I'm probably going to need a calendar to help me keep track of the days!

Yes, something like a calendar is vital for us.   Of course, then there's the problem of whether you buy a 'celebrity' one (and risk looking like you're going through some sort of mid-life crisis, desperately trying to cling onto your youth) or a standard, non-descript one from your local newsagents (making you look ancient and boring to whoever may walk through your door).  Thankfully, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) have produced their own charity calendars.  So not only will you get an attractive wildlife calendar, but you'll know you've donated to a good cause.

And for those of you who may not yet have gotten round to buying a calendar for 2013, I have three copies of the charity's Bears Wall Calendar to give away.  Interested?

WSPA is doing a lot of work overseas to help bears illegally held in captivity in Romania and Turkey.  These animals are subject to immense cruelty; kept in cramped cages and filthy conditions; forced to live in run-down zoos or beside restaurants to attract diners.  They might gnaw at their cage bars or try to dig through concrete floors in a desperate bid for freedom.  Some bears even self-mutilate - a terrible sign of the level of mental trauma they are experiencing.

The WSPA, working with local partners, are rescuing illegally held bears from this miserable existence.  The charity has opened a bear sanctuaries in Romania and Pakistan to house bears who may not be able to adapt to a life back in the wild.  Sanctuaries help them to live as naturally as possible while keeping them safe from harm.

The WSPA has successfully rescued a number of bears and, in order to win one of the three WSPA calendars up for grabs, all you have to do to tell me the name of one of these animals.  Don't worry, it's easier than you think.  Just head over to the WSPA UK Facebook page and flick through their photos.  The charity has tons of pictures of their rescued bears so it should be very easy for you to pick a name, not so much for me when checking the answers!  Oh yes, and make sure you leave a way for me to contact you in your comment .

For extra entries you can:

As always, please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry, so that they can all be counted.

Terms and conditions
  • The prize is for three people to win one 2013 WSPA bear calendar each (a total of three prizes).
  • The giveaway closes at midnight (GMT) on Friday 4 January 2013. 
  • It is open to UK residents only. 
  • The three winners will be selected at random and contacted on Sunday 6 January 2013.  If a winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen. 
  • It will be the responsibility of WSPA and Roost to issue the prizes to winners, not Chez Mummy.  Chez Mummy will not be held liable for any issues regarding the distribution of the prizes.

Good luck!

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