Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review - Peppa Pig Sports Day App

As a nation, we've been gripped with sporting fever of late what with the spectacle of the London 2012 Olympics and now the Paralympics set to begin in one week.  It appears to have re-awakened an interest in sports for many - local cycling clubs are reporting a swell in membership, for instance - and we're not the only ones getting into the sporting spirit. 

Yes, Peppa Pig's putting on her running shoes, hopping on board her bicycle and going for gold in her very own Peppa Pig Sports Day app.

Now, while I much prefer my children to get outside and engage with sport directly to get - and keep - active and fit, I figured an app like this might be useful in the evenings to help them wind down after a busy day while also giving me the opportunity to talk to them about basic sports.  So, I downloaded the Peppa Pig Sports Day app to my iPad to try it out.

The first thing about it that I absolutely have to point that, even though it actually turned out to be nothing to do with the app itself, was that there was no sound.  Nothing.  But, I must stress that this turned out to be because my iPad's mute button was pressed.  Strangely, you're able to mute certain apps on an iPad while others run normally with sound and somehow my iPad had muted the Peppa app but nothing else.  Thankfully, the chaps at P2 Games (the makers of the Peppa app) were very helpful and once I'd located the mute button and un-muted it, the app worked fine.  So, a word of warning - check your mute settings!

There are four events to take part in - long jump, bicycle race, obstacle course and tug of war - with other fun activities like building your own ice cream, making rosettes (which you're presented with if you win one of the races - a nice touch) and making play scenes with 'stickers' that you win by competing in the four sports.

All of the games are easy to play, especially for little ones, and my three-year-old daughter has taken to it very quickly.  And, as you can see, her one-year-old brother likes to get involved too!

Sophia's favourite game from the app at the moment is the ice cream maker, where you get to choose what flavour your ice cream will be, mix up all the ingredients and then choose from a huge variety of toppings.  But, what did Sophia and Dexter make of it overall?  I'll let them tell you...

So there you have it!

The Peppa Pig Sports Day app is available for the iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch and costs £2.99 from the App store.  It was created by P2 Games and you can visit their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on the latest news and updated about all their apps. 

Please note: I was given the app for free in exchange for this review.  All opinions are 100% honest.

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