Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dexter's christening and a font full of water

Last Sunday, was a special day.  Not just because it was a bank holiday.  Nor was it because of the news that a lion of all things might just be on the prowl in the English countryside (something tells me it was a slow news day).  No, what made Sunday a special day was the fact that it was Dexter’s christening.

That’s right, my cheeky little boy was being baptised.  It was a big occasion; people came from far and wide to celebrate the day with us, some travelling for hours to make it.  But come they did, and my husband and I were so delighted to see so many friends and family members that had made the journey.

Dexter and Sophia were also in their element, thriving on the attention.  We arrived at the church on the Sunday afternoon and Sophia, feeling ever confident, dragged my mum into the church ready for the service.

The Reverend walked to the front of the church and a quiet hush fell over the congregation.  He started to talk, introducing the first hymn.  We stood up to sing.  Sophia stood up to dance.  Dexter meanwhile, stood on the pew, wriggling his hips from side to side, copying his sister.

The music stopped and we all sat.  The Reverend continued with the christening.  Sophia wriggled in her seat and then spotted some windows in the church roof.

“Look at those windows!”  She exclaimed loudly.  “I want to look out of them.  We need to get some big ladders so I can look out of them!”

She became preoccupied for some time, telling my mum all about the windows and the need to get some big ladders.  Thankfully, none of the congregation or the Reverend seemed to pay much notice to it.  Then came the most important part of the service.

“Can Dexter and Mum and Dad and the godparents come to the font please?”  The Reverend asked.  "And maybe Sophia as well?”

We all dutifully got up from our seats and made our way to the font.  Sophia came too and my husband lifted her up so she could see what would be happening.

The Reverend took hold of Dexter and began to bless him, scooping water from the font into his hand and down onto Dexter’s forehead.  Sophia thought it most exciting.

“He’s got water on his head!”  She screamed in joyous tones and the churchgoers erupted with her.  Sophia’s face lit up with a cheeky but sweet smile and I smiled along with her.  This is how it should be, I thought.  A special day filled with laughter and happiness, surrounded by loved ones.

Yes, Sunday was a very special day indeed.

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  1. Aw that is so sweet and such lovely photos!

  2. What beautiful children you have! Sounds like you all had a lovely family gathering x

  3. Brilliant! That sounds so much like the Bug's Christening when GG was only 3. She thought she was going to be a bridesmaid! We even had to get flowers made for her to carry!

  4. Awww sounds like a very lovely day!

  5. How lovely just like you say they add smiles and laughter making the occasion all the more special x

  6. Such a special occasion. Beautiful pictures to add to your memories of a lovely day. CJ x

  7. looks like you had a wonderful day - so sorry I couldn't do the cake xxx

  8. It was such a lovely day. I was a bit worried because we had thunder and lots of rain the day before, but the Sunday was just right

  9. Thank you. I love being able to get all the family together, it was great to see everyone

  10. Aww bless her. I thought Sophia might be a bit shy what with there being so many people she didn't really know, but she loved every minute and knows how to play up to a crowd!

  11. It was brilliant to get friends and family together even if it was just for only one day

  12. They really did. Both of my children have now been christened when they were roughly 18-months-old because my husband and I wanted them to be more of an 'active participant' (for want of a better phrase) and enjoy the attention

  13. Thank you CJ. We all definitely had a wonderful day and I loved watching both of my children running around having fun afterwards (and pinching wotsits from the food table in Dexter's case!)

  14. No need to apologise at all! I got another sorted so it was all fine. We've actually still got a lot in the fridge that we're trying to eat our way through!


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