Monday, 6 August 2012

Music: "Show Real" video challenge

A lot's been going on since my last "Show Real" video challenge; I didn't win the video award in the Brilliance in Blogging (BiB) awards *sob*; I've become one year older *double sob*; and we're having a mega summer of sport (all together now - yay!).

If I'd been better prepared I would have set a sporting theme for the video challenge this time round.  But I wasn't and I didn't.  Major fail on my part, I would've loved to have seen people filming themselves trying to do the long jump / 100m sprint / hammer throw etc.

No, the theme I've chosen instead

As always, you can talk about or film anything you like as long as it's relevant to the theme.  Perhaps you'd like to talk about your favourite music?  Or what music means to you?  Did music get you through a tough time in your life?  Perhaps you want to post a music video of your favourite song?

My video for this theme is something that I've been wanting to post for a little while.  It's my children showing off their groovy moves!

Come and link up any videos that you make about this theme.  All of the lists stay open indefinitely so it's never too late to add a post!

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