Thursday, 31 May 2012

Winter coats to summer shawls

I don't know about you but I've been really enjoying this little heatwave we've had going on.  A chance to finally throw off the winter coat and embrace the start of summer.  Yes, it's fair to say I've been loving it.

But, with temperatures starting to cool slightly a new dilemma has begun to present itself.  It's too hot to wear a winter coat but the evenings are now becoming much cooler; a little too cool not to wear any sort of jacket whatsoever.

What's the solution?  Why, a nice pashmina or shawl must be the obvious answer!  Check out this lovely one I spotted recently...

But, wait a minute. If you look a little closer...

Ah, and there's the catch.  These are made from real animals, the Tibetan Antelope to be exact.  While it is not illegal to make these shawls (unlike if it was made from an endangered species like tiger), these animals are not killed humanely.  As Dr Neil D'Cruze from the WSPA explains, cruelty is not chic...

I saw this shawl at the launch of the WSPA's Cruelty in a Concrete Jungle campaign back in March (and which I am continuing to support).  It was seized from a reputable national chain of retail stores in the 1990s.  High demand for these shawls means the continuation of the barbaric slaughter of these animals.  So, as the fine weather continues, I implore you to think before you buy, consider 'faking it' when it comes to any fur and help stamp out illegal and/or cruel wildlife trade.

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  1. This is awful. I really didn't think people would still buy things like this, it seems so unacceptable nowadays.


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