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What to expect when you're expecting

The new film, "What to expect when you're expecting" is out in cinemas this week (25 May).  I'm not donning my 'film reviewer' hat, don't worry.  But, watching this film's trailer did get me thinking about the little things you may or may not realise about pregnancy once you get up the duff.

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So without further ado, here are five things you should expect when you find out you're expecting...

1. The 'pregnancy glow' isn't guaranteed.
You may have read or heard about the mythical 'glow' of pregnancy.  You might picture yourself becoming pregnant and suddenly transforming into an even more glamorous version of yourself - someone who wouldn't look out of place in the gossip pages of the celebrity magazines - with a tidy and well dressed baby bump.

Don't be fooled.

First there's the morning sickness.  If that doesn't floor you, your raging hormones will.  Think mood swings, spots, extreme sweating and leaking boobs.  Then there's baby using your ribs and insides as a punchbag...and suddenly it's not so glamorous any more.  Of course, for some women that pregnancy glow is real, very real.   But it's not guaranteed.  You have been warned!

2. Your breasts will get mahoosive!
This is a definite plus point.  At some point along the line, your boobs will blossom!  I was delighted to find my chest had grown by a couple of cup sizes.  The best thing about it for me is that my bosom is still bigger now than it was in my pre-baby days - bonus!

3. Your baby's first movements will not necessarily feel like 'butterflies against your stomach'.
It's not necessarily as romantic sounding as the baby books suggest.  When I was pregnant with my first, I had read all about how those precious first movements feel like butterflies under your skin.  For me, it felt more like a log turning over in the pit of my stomach. With Dexter, it was more gentle, like bubbles bursting against my skin (but from the inside obviously).

4. Expect less honesty.
This one comes from my husband.  We all know deep down that when we ask our men 'does my bum look big in this?' the automatic reply from them is 'no, of course not' even if it's far from the truth.  However, in pregnancy, these little white lies grow as big as your ever-expanding waistline.

Asking 'do I look sexy?', 'does this coat disguise my puke stained top?' etc. can be a recipe for disaster, namely because your partner will tell you what you want to hear, not the real truth.  In all honesty, if you asked them if blue was red, they'd probably agree just to keep you happy.

You'll probably know what they're telling you is a lie and the fact they're being so blatantly dishonest may lead to a full blown argument (especially if the pregnancy hormones decide to get involved!).  It's better for everyone if you don't ask in the first place, or accept these dishonesties and move on.

And the biggest one of all *drum roll*...

5. Don't expect anyone to give up their seat for you on public transport...especially if you live or work in London.
"What do you mean I have to give up my seat for you?  You didn't to get pregnant, it was your choice.  I mean, you're not ill, you chose to get pregnant ergo I don't have to give you anything.  I've paid for my ticket just like you so I'm entitled to sit down..."

This is the general attitude you'll come across so don't expect strangers to graciously give up their seats for you.  They'll spot you getting on the tube / train / bus and instantly lift their book / newspaper / kindle / mobile / iPad so it obscures their view and they don't have to acknowledge you.  They hope that someone else will relinquish their seat before they have to.  If they give up their seat, it's very likely they'll do it reluctantly.  

They may say that it's hard to tell if a woman is pregnant and that can be true, especially if you're in the early stages of pregnancy or your bump is obscured by a winter coat.  However, I've seen very heavily pregnant women purposefully blanked.  It's a sad fact, but true. If you want a seat you'll need to ask.

What have I missed out?  What else should people expect when they're expecting?


  1. Ha ha very true! Although my OH was Hines during my pregnancy and would me how fat or tired I looked! Ever the charmer! Cx

  2. Ah you missed the frequent trips to the loo, especially when baby decides to use your bladder as a football. The need to neck a bottle of Gaviscon (other products are available) to try and stop and the heartburn and *whispers quietly* something you get that rhymes with miles!!

  3. the weird dreams! my pregnancy dreams were so vivd and quite a lot of them were about loosing the baby or forgetting the baby !! or is that just me?

  4. Great list and very true I never enjoyed the heavily pregnant stage and not being able to sleep because my son was always up for a football match in the middle of the night. Thankfully he sleeps well now.

  5. Amusing post and so true! I once caused an argument between a couple on a train because they disagreed over whether I should get a seat or not! 
    I would add that strangers, mostly older ladies, suddenly seem to think that your belly is public property and that grabbing it is perfectly acceptable. 

  6. Great advice Missus! I saw the film and found quite a few situations to be very true...namely the lack of "glow" ;) 

  7. I think you've covered everything! It was so long ago though I don't think I can remember all the niggles!

  8. Wish I'd read this 9 years ago! Bubbles against the skin is the sensation exactly. I did glow when I was pregnant - a sickly yellow colour from all-day, nine-month morning sickness. But I did find Londoners pretty good at giving up they're seats. Still do, only now it's because they think I'm frail and elderly!

  9. Ah yes, the other glamorous aspects of pregnancy!

  10. That's totally true but I found that my vivid dreams came once I'd given birth and was much worse with baby number one. I'd dream that I was holding her in bed but then, when I woke up, I obviously wasn't holding anything and there'd be a few moments of sheer panic thinking that I'd dropped my baby on the floor or something before realising she was in fact sleeping soundly in her moses basket and had been the whole time!

  11. I suppose it's nice that he felt he could be that honest with you. A sign of true love :-P

  12. I was lucky that I never experienced the whole tummy grabbing thing and am very pleased to have missed that out

  13. My son was very good at that too when I was pregnant with him. I'm hoping it might mean he'll become the next David Beckham...

  14. I was waiting for the 'butterflies' but they never came with my first. I had done all the reading but because it felt so different to what all the books were describing I got really confused about what I was feeling. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has felt their baby move like this

  15. Love your description of your 'pregnancy glow'. My morning sickness lasted until I was about 15 weeks for both pregnancies and that was long enough!

  16. Thanks. At least I suppose we can say that all the little niggles are ultimately worth it :-)

  17. True enough. I posted about becoming a parent myself this week, and it really brought back some of the less attractive sides of pregnancy!! Here, FYI....

  18. That does not sound nice. Pregnancy can truly be a wonderful thing ;-)

  19. Thanks for stopping by, I'll go and check out your post too


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