Thursday, 17 May 2012


It's nearly ten years since I made a commitment to my just-about-to-become husband, to be the best wife I could be.

It's been four years in total since I made a commitment to my then-unborn daughter, to love and care for her completely and utterly.

Just over one year ago I made a commitment to my newly born son, to be the best mother I could possibly be to both him and his sister; to love them both equally, uncompromisingly and without question.

It's been roughly seven months since I created Chez Mummy (or Adventures of an Ordinary Parent as it was known in its first few months of life) and made a commitment to create a memoir for my children, posting regularly about our life as a family.

One week ago, I made a new commitment. To create a new website; a new venture that I hope could improve my work/life balance in the long-run.

That's a lot of commitments to juggle and they are so all encompassing it's quite frankly exhausting.  How do you manage to balance your commitments?

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  1. By knowing my limitations and accepting them not as shortcomings but rather as guideposts to keep me from exhausting myself on the journey. As the husband and father of a special needs wife and three special needs kids, I know that there are simply things that shouldn't be attempted but those that should I'll try to do them very well.


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