Monday, 23 April 2012

WSPA campaign gathers more support

It's been a little while since I last wrote about the WSPA Cruelty in a Concrete Jungle campaign and for that, I apologise.

I promised to let you know when the London Mayoral candidates pledged their support to fighting wildlife crime in London.  Since my last post, I'm pleased to report another of the runners and riders in the race to be Mayor of London has pledged their support to fighting wildlife crime in London.

Lib-Dem candidate, Brian Paddick has made a video promise to keep up the battle against wildlife crime.

He joins fellow London Mayoral candidates, Ken Livingstone and Jenny Jones who are promising to support the Metropolitan Police's Wildlife Crime Unit, as well as a host of other MPs who are supporting the WSPA campaign.  Boris Johnson will do so soon, I'm sure of that.  And I will tell you when he does, I'm sure of that too.

And, in case you're not exactly sure why you should care about any of this, remember that wildlife criminals are targeting our zoos in order to make money from animal parts as well as killing and/or maiming animals overseas for a quick buck or two.  While there is still demand for these types of 'desirable trophies' (although desirable to whom I can't really imagine), there will be people who are willing to smuggle exotic animal parts in and out of this country and, as a consequence, the longer this sort of activity will continue.

Let's use our voice, shout together in unison and help stop cruelty in a concrete jungle.

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