Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Planet Cards review and discount code!

My husband and I have marked an important date in the diary.  In August, our son Dexter will be christened (or, as my husband likes to put it, we'll be having a big party for family and close friends).  His godparents are chosen, a 'save the date' request went out to our intended guests via Facebook (we're so with the times!) and invitations were posted just before Easter.  Now to sit back and wait for the RSVP's to start rolling in.

I was glad to get the sending of invites out of the way; Dexter's christening may still be four months away but August is prime holiday season and I like to make sure guests get invites early so they have as much warning as possible.  I was the same when organising Sophia's christening and mine and my husband's wedding.

I had been looking round for some special invitations for quite a while.  Hello then, to Planet Cards.  A new website that offers personalised cards for a range of occasions. Categories include 'birthday', 'new baby', 'wedding', 'religious' and Christmas', and cards are mainly invitations and announcement and thank you cards.

The idea behind Planet Cards is that you choose a card template from the designs available and then customise it however you like.  You can add your own photos and text, change the colours and text font...do anything you like.

I thought I'd give it a go.  It was hard to choose one template for Dexter's christening invites but I eventually plumped for the photo collage design.  Once you've made your choice, click on the 'personalise this card' button and you'll be taken to another screen where you can now edit the template as necessary.  I changed all the photographs to ones of Dexter and all the text so it was much more personal - that's the point of the website after all!  I even changed the height of the letters and the spacing between words, that's the level of detail you can go into!

When you've finished personalising your cards, click on 'confirm and order'.  You'll be able to double check your design before confirming and paying for your order.  It's at this stage that you'll choose how many cards you want and whether you want a gloss coating for your cards (I didn't).  Planet Cards will also provide envelopes free of charge.

Here's how my cards turned out (I've blocked out personal details)...

Planet Cards Review Photo 1

Planet Cards Review Photo 2

Planet Cards Review Photo 3

I'm sure you will agree, they look great. The cards are made to a high standard and certainly don't feel flimsy or cheap.

I also ordered a pile of thank you cards for after the event. Again, I added my own photos and changed the text, making sure I left enough of a space on the back of them so that I could write a personal message to everyone after the event. I'm really happy with them.

Planet Cards Photo Review 4

As a bonus, I'm really pleased to be able to you, dear reader, a 20% discount code for any order that you may wish to place with Planet Cards. Just place your order (no minimum required) and add the code GUK13 at checkout to receive your 20% discount.

Please note: In addition to the discount I am able to offer you, I also received a generous discount on my order in return for this review.


  1. The invitations look fab! I shall make my order a little later today! Thank you lovely xx

  2. No problem, glad my review could help x


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