Saturday, 14 April 2012

Girls and boys, cats and dogs

My husband has a rather fascinating theory.  Apparently, when it comes to children, they can be broadly separated into two categories; girls are like cats and boys are like dogs.

Let me try to explain his thinking on this one.

He was watching our two children playing the other day.  Dexter saw me, crawled as fast as his chubby baby legs would allow him to, grabbed hold of my legs and pulled himself up to a standing position, a wide, joyful grin etched onto his face the entire time.  I picked him up and he grabbed me around my neck, pulling me into a huge baby bear hug.  I love his big cuddles.

By comparison, Sophia was happy to entertain herself, playing with her teddies and creating imaginary scenarios.  I love watching her imagination develop like this but I digress.  Sophia eventually got up and walked over to me, a smile slowly spreading across her lips.  She came over and shoved her cup into my chest.

"Mum, I'm thirsty."

I dutifully got up and made her a drink.  Mostly Ever the good girl, she thanked me and sauntered off, sipping her drink as she went.

"She's just like a cat."  My husband piped up suddenly.


"She's like a cat.  Girls are like that.  Boys are much more like dogs, look at Dexter."


The husband sighed in an oh-so-slightly-exasperated way.  "Dogs want to be your friend; they crave love and affection; they want to be with you all the time.  That's like boys.  Dexter's like that.  He loves his cuddles, whether he asked for one or not.  Girls are more...well, catty; more self sufficient and independent.  Things have to be on their terms.  Girls will come to you for a cuddle when they want one, or if they want something else.  Look at Sophia.  She came to you because she wanted a drink.  She won't come to either of us if we ask for a cuddle and she doesn't want one, she'll only do it when she wants one.  She's always been like that."

So, dear reader, what do you think?  Are girls like cats and boys like dogs?

What animal are you most like?

Girl or Cat?


  1. I love this idea xxx Right now i'm like one of the shaggy moulting camels i saw at the zoo recently, really rough round the edges, patience frayed and i have the right hump hahahaha

  2. Hahaha, what a great visual image :-P

  3. What category do we put you into. Miss I wear dungarees and don't mess with my hair. Is there a space somewhere for a hybrid. xxx

  4. Me? Erm, I'm a lioness. Fiercely protective of my family - roar!

  5. What a lovely funny post! Your husband is absolutely spot on. Those boys - if they had a tail it would always be wagging!
    Clara (half rabbit) X

  6. My boys are definitely Chimps. Cheeky, energetic and love climbing all over me. :-)

  7. Tee hee. I'm making the most of it for as long as he still wants big bear hugs 

  8. I bet they're a real tag team when they get going x

  9. He's right #FACT! Scamp is the most infuriatingly independent little girl in the World ! Heaven help me when she's a teenager!

  10. Yes, my little girl can be very strong-willed at times too. I am not looking forward to those teenage years! x


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