Thursday, 15 March 2012

Show me the funny

I'm feeling rather low at the moment.  I've written about how hard I'm finding it being back at work full-time and it really is no joke.

I seem to have lost my joie de vivre of late.  Trouble is, I'm not sure how to get it back.

I want to be able to smile, genuinely smile...maybe even laugh.  Even if it's only a small giggle, that brief second of joy would be a welcome relief from my increasingly sombre mood.  You never know, it might make all the difference.  Can you help me?  Go on, tell me your best joke...

Shall we joke?
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  1. What about "Smile tomorrow will be worse?" - sorry don't want to upset you but by saying it I end up smiling every day ;)

  2. I'm afraid I am rubbish at jokes, I always mess up the punchline. But I can empathise with the going back to work thing. I had 18 months off and found it difficult going back last year, even though it was part time. The only thing I can say is it really makes me appreciate the time off more. Our weekends together as a family have become sacred and I try not to let anything else come in the way of that. I think that is a good thing in a way. But I don't know if that will help you any!

  3. My life. It's hilarious. Although in a pinch you can use it for truly wonderful tragedy material as well. Enjoy!

    Oh, and I'm about six years out from a really good belly laugh myself. It will come.

  4. Rabbit walks into a bar and orders a cheese toastie. When he's finished that he's still hungry so he orders a ham toastie. Then he drops down dead. That evening the ghost of the rabbit appears so the barman asks what he died of. The rabbit replies "mixing my toasties". 

    Yes I know, terrible

  5. Ok this is one the 11 year old told us the other day and it made us laugh.  2 monkeys in the bath, one says "ooh ooh ahh ahh" then other one says "oh stop moaning and just put some more cold in".
    Hope it made you smile xxxx

  6. A man is stranded on a desert island with only a pig and an Alsatian dog. After several weeks the man starts to have lustful thoughts about the pig but every time he goes near the pig the Alsation bites him. A few weeks late the man sees a beautiful woman in a bikini floating in the sea. He rushes in, resuscitates her and saves her life. When she comes around she thanks him and asks her what she can do in return. He asks "Can you take the dog for a long walk?"

  7. So cheesy - but very good. You have a natural joker on your hands there :-)


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