Thursday, 11 October 2012

Getting a cat? What to buy...

In a few days time we will be welcoming a new addition into our family - a beautiful, little white and blue kitten.  There is much excited anticipation here in the Chez Mummy household and we've been busy making our home cat-proof, ready for his arrival. 

There's so much to think about when getting a pet and so many things to buy.   Here's our must-have list of essentials when preparing your home for a cat...

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  • Cosy pet bed
  • Pet carrier 
  • Food and water bowls 
  • Pet food 
  • Scratching post(s) 
  • Cat toys 
  • Litter tray 
  • Cat litter 
  • Cat litter scoop 
  • Pet insurance 
  • The local vet on speed-dial (yes, I'm a worrier!)

Of course, once all these 'big' purchases have been made there's still the following to think about:
  • Vaccinations
  • Flea treatment
  • De-worming tablets
  • Possible microchipping
  • Regular health checks
  • Cat collar

And before you know it - a small fortune has been spent!

Is there anything I've forgotten?  What would be your 'must have' item if you were getting a pet?


  1. We found an excellent spray called 'get off' which is a deterrent and shampoo in one. Just incase there are any little accidents. It has a large quantity of lemon oil in which is a smell they hate so will avoid the area afterwards. Our kittens favourite toy was a simple cardboard box. We re-sealed and then cut a cat sized hole in each side so that they could climb about, pop in and out and it was always like a 'wackamole' game at the fair - lots of fun and free from the supermarket (easy to replace as well once they had destroyed it!) looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  2. Awww. Is that your new baby in the picture? Awww. I have a cat called Billy. The only I'd say is that you might not need the cat bed as they'll sleep anywhere and will find their favourite spot and stick to it x

  3. Sounds a bit like small children ;-). I shall be searching around for some boxes now, thanks

  4. I got the image from Flickr as I didn't have a photo of our little cat. I have now though - watch out for a cat-related 'Silent Sunday' post!


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