Saturday, 7 January 2012

Who am I?

I have been having an identity crisis of late.  Not me personally, but rather my blog.  When I originally started blogging, I wanted a name that would make it clear I am an ordinary parent, just like the thousands of other parents out there.  That I'm not special and am experiencing the same sort of things that everyone else is.

However, what I've come to realise is there are no ordinary parents out there.  We are all doing the best job we can (for the most part). To my mind that makes us extra-ordinary.

So I've recently found myself asking, ""Who am I?" (in terms of my blog of course).  

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After a bit of soul searching, I think I've found the answer.

It's going to involve a new identity.  Something that better reflects me, my personality and what I want my blog to be.

Don't worry, this blog isn't moving home.  If you search for "Adventures of an Ordinary Parent", you'll still be directed here and all current content will remain. It just won't be called that any more.  There will be a new name and I'll also be changing its design slightly.

Keep your eyes peeled for the changes, I hope you'll like them!


  1. Ooh exciting! I have a new blog header coming up, and was debating a move to WP (eep) Don't think I will be taking that big a leap yet. Good luck with the changes, and I look forward to seeing them


  2. Good luck! Apparently a change is as good as a rest - wouldn't we all love a rest eh?! So we'll have to make do with change! xx

  3. Sounds exciting, look forward to seeing the changes :) x

  4. ohh always exciting hope you find the 'you' you want to portray :) x

  5. Thank you. Good luck with your changes too x


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