Sunday, 30 October 2011

Missing: One sock, possibly eaten

Have you seen this sock?

Last seen dangling from a certain baby boy's foot while bouncing about in his jumperoo earlier this afternoon.

It is suspected of trying to flee the scene after the baby boy in question tried to eat it. 

May be cowering down the back of the sofa or perhaps under the cot, although a comprehensive search of the area has so far failed to uncover it.

It is being missed terribly by said baby's left foot and also its identical twin sock. 

It is likely to have found the same hiding place as the biscuit that went missing last week and the farmer figure from the Fisher Price World of Little People farmyard, who disappeared last year and is still on the run.

No reward is offered for the sock's safe return - it is only a sock after all, not a favourite toy - but any help that can lead to it's recovery will be appreciated.

If found, do not approach as it may be dangerously smelly.  Instead, please call 555-STINKY.

Many thanks.


  1. The elusive sock - we have loads of them. Sometimes I pull an odd one out of the washing machine or the tumble drier and haven't a clue how it got in there!

    CJ xx

  2. What is it about socks??? I'm hoping that it's somehow managed to walk itself into the washing machine but we shall see...


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