Thursday, 27 October 2011

Do the Blog Hop!

It's exciting to be back on my blog already with my next post.  As someone who was never any good at keeping a diary and who would go months before writing the next entry, I originally set myself the challenge of updating this blog once a week.  I have to say I was feeling a bit intimidated by the prospect of having to find 52 new things to write about (as well as finding the time of course!) so it's great to realise that I do actually have things to say!

It was my daughter's hospital appointment yesterday.  She's an outpatient at a London hospital, getting treatment for a condition she was born with (thankfully, nothing major but I'm sure I'll get onto that in a later post at some point), so my husband, Sophia and I ventured into London for the day.  After the trip to hospital, we surprised Sophia with tickets to see Disney on Ice at Wembley.  Dex had to stay at home - it takes all his energy concentrating on trying to eat the purees that are now being put in front of him at mealtimes so there was no way he could have concentrated on a nearly two hour show - and was given the five star treatment by my mother-in-law, so it was just the toddler we had to focus on.  Check out my next post for a review of the show.

On a slightly different note, since deciding to take the plunge into blogging (something which was greeted by a jokey, "It's good to know you've got nothing more productive to do with your days" by my husband), I'm trying to get as involved as I can with the blogosphere.  I chanced upon the site BritMums, a huge network of parent bloggers.  They're doing something called a 'blog hop'.  It sounds like a cool idea, letting people hop from blog to blog, so I thought I'd jump in and give it a go.  I hope you enjoy the read!

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  1. Popping by from said blog hop.
    Wow how lucky Disney on Ice - have a great time, so jealous.


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