Tuesday, 20 November 2012

BBC WM, working parents and me

Last Sunday, I was interviewed by Richard Wilford on BBC WM about the pros and cons of being a working parent.  It was part of their weekly 'Sunday Dilemma' slot and was inspired by the Government's announcement to introduce flexible parental leave for the first year of a child's life.

While I didn't manage to slip a mention of Chez Mummy into the interview, I did talk about my other website, Working Parents United - huzzah!

BBC WM have very kindly given me permission to reproduce the audio on Chez Mummy, for which I am very grateful.  So, if you missed it first time round, now there's no excuse. I give you...me. Enjoy.


  1. A Little Luxury For Me25 November 2012 at 08:39

    Well done you for being on the radio. Got to be good publicity.


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