Friday, 22 June 2012

It's time for BritMums Live!

I'm feeling rather excited today.  Excited but nervous.

Today, Friday 22 June, marks the start of a major blogging conference: BritMums Live!  It's an intense day and a half long and aimed at mums and dads who blog.  If you were wondering how many people would be interested in such an event, there'll be 500 bloggers turning up to this conference.  That's a lot of people.

There'll be some people going whom I've met already (looking forward to seeing you again), others that I haven't met but do follow (in the blog-reading sense not in a stalker kind of way); people I admire and simply must meet, people I admire but will be too timid to speak to and so many people I can't wait to share some cake and chat with.

Oh yes, and then there's all the sessions to go to of course.  If I ever get round to deciding what to sit in on that is.

And, if I wasn't already jittery enough, tonight's the night where I find out if I've won a Brilliance in Blogging award for my blog videos - wish me luck!

So that's it, the biggest event in my blogging calendar (and 'career') is here.  I've set my 'out of office' so if you need me, please leave a message after the beep...


I’m going to BritMums Live


  1. It lovely to see you again Laura! You are truly one of the lovlier bloggers out there :)

  2. It was great to see you again and chat. Always a pleasure x


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